Solutions For Common Microwave Repair Woes

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Solutions For Common Microwave Repair Woes

29 October 2017
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Microwave is a popular and commonly used appliance today. As one of the most frequently used appliance, it malfunctions and requires for appliance repair more than twice or thrice in its lifetime. Here are the recommended solutions for common microwave repair woes:

Microwave doesn't work

There are four probable causes for this problem: blown up line fuse, defective main control board, blown up thermal fuse, and worn out thermoprotector. You'll notice that all of these causes relate to the electronic components of the microwave. Despite being a small appliance, your microwave can store thousands of volts in its capacitor even after it has been safely unplugged. Hence, it is best to let a licensed appliance repair technician to diagnose the problem and replace these electronic components.

Microwave doesn't heat

Microwave not heating is yet another common problem that owners experience. This can be caused by a wide range of factors. One solution is to ensure that your microwave's three (or four in some models) door switches close properly. Another solution is to replace the appliance's magnetron, the component that generates the microwave frequency that cooks food. You should not turn on a microwave without any food inside it because the magnetron burns itself when you do this. It can also be caused by a broken high voltage transformer. When the magnetron emits energy and the high voltage transformer fails, the voltage will usually arc and result to a burned magnetron. Hence, you appliance repair technician will also need to replace the high voltage transformer.

Turntable won't turn

There could be three causes for a turntable that won't turn: malfunctioning turntable motor, broken glass tray drive coupling, and worn out glass tray support. The rotating motor below the plate is the component responsible for the spinning of the plate. This motor cannot be repaired and need to be replaced. It could also be a problem in the glass tray coupling and this could be solved by gently pulling the coupling off the drive motor shaft to check and replaced. The same could be done in your microwave's glass tray support.

Light bulb doesn't work

Your microwave has a small bulb inside located behind the grill and opens up when the microwave runs. It is a common problem but frequently ignored. While it could be caused by a faulty bulb socket, bad wiring, or fused bulb, it could also be a symptom of other more serious problem with your microwave such as a problem in the main control board. Have your microwave checked by your appliance repair technician when the light bulb fails to open even after you replace it.

These common microwave repair woes are often a sign of malfunctions of its important parts. You can carry out simple repairs and replacements needed, but for the electronic components, it is best to have a licensed appliance repair technician do these parts.

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