4 Reasons Your Washing Machine Isn't Spinning

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4 Reasons Your Washing Machine Isn't Spinning

8 March 2019
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Spinning is not just an optional function for your washing machine. Spinning is a necessary part of the wash cycle. The spin cycle is what removed all the water from your clothing and gets wet clothing dry enough to go into your washing machine and effectively dry on the line outside without being dripping wet. Spinning also helps wash your clothes and get them clean.

When your washing machine is not spinning but is completing all of its cycles, there are four different aspects you need to investigate.

#1 Look at the Lid Switch

If you look at the area where your washing machine meets with your washer, you will see that there is a little plastic tab that does down if you push on it. This plastic tab is the lid switch tab. The lid switch tab is essentially a really basic sensor that tells the washing machine that the lid is closed. For the spin cycle to run on your washing machine, the lid needs to be closed. If you have ever opened your washing machine mid-spin cycle, you have probably seen how your machine will stop spinning. This is a safety feature.

If this switch is broken or jammed, then the switch needs to be replaced before your washing machine will start spinning again.

#2 Check the Distribution of Your Clothing

Next, you need to check the distribution of your clothing. Sometimes, all you need to do is reposition your clothing inside of your washer. When the clothing inside of your washer becomes unbalanced, and the weight is off, your washing machine will not spin. All you need to do to get your clothing spinning again is to even everything out.

#3 Check the Feet of Your Washing Machine

If your clothing was unevenly distributed, that could have caused your washing machine to shake. When your washing machine was shaking, it could have become uneven. Check the feet of your washing machine, and adjust their position, to make sure that your washing machine is level. If your washing machine was shaken so much that the position of the feet changed, the spin cycle may not engage. The spin cycle depends on various sensors to ensure that everything is well-balanced.

#4 Look at the Drive Belt

One of the most technical reasons your washing machine may not be spinning is because something is wrong with the drive belt, which is attached to the motor on your machine. When the drive belt gets worn down or even falls off track, your washing machine will not spin correctly. If the drive belt is just off track, then tightening it up will get things going again. If the drive belt is damaged, you will need to replace it.

If your washing machine is not spinning, make sure that the lid is shut, and the lid switch is working. Re-balance the clothing inside of the machine and make sure the entire machine is level. If that doesn't solve the issue, the drive belt may need to be fixed, or a larger issue may be at play. That is when you need to call in your local appliance repair services.

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