Tips To Ensure Your Refrigerator Is Always Energy Efficient

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Tips To Ensure Your Refrigerator Is Always Energy Efficient

17 July 2019
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If you want to prevent circuit overloading and minimize your electricity bills, you must practice energy efficiency with every electrical appliance in the house. When it comes to the refrigerator, below are some of the tips that will lead to energy efficiency.

Buy An Energy-Efficient Unit

Electrical appliances, including the refrigerator, come with different energy efficiencies. An energy-efficient unit does the same job with less electricity as compared to an inefficient unit. Buy an energy-efficient refrigerator to reduce energy consumption.

Don't Keep An Empty Fridge

The refrigerator keeps its food cool by cooling and circulating air inside the fridge. If your fridge is empty, it means it has a lot of air inside it that the fridge has to cool, and more cooling can call for more energy consumption, depending on how the fridge works. When you increase the amount of food inside the fridge, you reduce the volume of air inside the fridge and, therefore, the energy required for cooling.

Clean The Coils Regularly

A conventional fridge works more or less like an air conditioner. The fridge circulates warm air over the condenser coils where the heat exchange takes place and cool air returns to the fridge to cool the food. Over time, debris in the air accumulates over the coils and insulates them from the air. The insulated coils don't cool the air as fast or as much as clean coils. Thus, cleaning the coils every few months helps to keep the energy consumption down.

Keep The Doors Closed

Keep your refrigerator's doors closed most of the time. Before you open the fridge's door, decide what you want to pick so that you don't keep the door open as you decide on what to take. Warm air from outside flows into the fridge if you leave the doors open for extended periods. This increases the refrigerator's workload and its electricity usage. Also, ensure the door seals are not damaged or worn out because using damaged seals is basically the same as opening the doors frequently.

Keep Heat Sources Away

Lastly, don't keep heat sources near the fridge. If your fridge is near a heat source, the heat will warm up the air that the fridge has to cool, and the fridge will need to run longer than usual to keep your food cool. Cooking ranges, ovens, and space heaters should be nowhere near the refrigerator.

Call a technician if you are doing all the above and you still suspect your refrigerator is energy inefficient. It might be that something is wrong with the refrigerator and it needs fixing.

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