Sounds And Your Dryer

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Sounds And Your Dryer

3 December 2019
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There are many different noises you can catch coming from your dryer. Some of these noises can happen for innocent reasons, but others can mean the dryer needs to be repaired. Learning about the different types of noises dryers can make is important because it will make it easy for you to spot a problem early on that needs to be repaired, so you don't put off a repair and allow things to get worse or even lead to the need for a full dryer replacement.

Here are some sounds you may hear coming from your dryer:

A clicking sound – If you have a gas dryer, then a clicking sound coming from it may be completely normal. The sound happens when the gas valve opens and closes while the dryer is in use and you may hear it throughout the entire drying process up until the dryer is done drying the load.

A squeak – It's important to note that a squeaking sound can be normal for you to hear in a new dryer for the first few loads. However, the squeaking sound that a new dryer makes should go away after you have been using it for a little while. If the squeaking doesn't go away, then there may be something loose that you want to have tightened.

Banging – It's always a bit jarring to hear a loud banging sound start to come from your dryer. In fact, in some cases the banging can be so loud that it can sound like the dryer is busting apart on you. This banging happens when something hard is drying in the dryer. Many times, it will be something like a shoe. However, sometimes it can be due to something that accidentally made its way through the wash and into the dryer on accident, such as a small ball of the dogs or even the kids. You shouldn't dry your shoes in the dryer because they can cause dents in the dryer.

Thumping – Thumping is less harsh of a sound than the banging and it can happen if you haven't used your dryer in a while. The thumping can happen when the support rollers have become flat and the sound can go on until they get their shape back. This sound can also happen if some of the fabric in the dryer has twisted into a knot, so it is knocking against the sides and door. If these things are not what is causing the thumping, then it may be a belt that is worn and you'll want to have a repair tech take care of the belt replacement for you.

Grinding – A metal on metal type of grinding sound coming from your dryer can be caused by a drum slide that has become worn or that is loose. If you hear this type of sound coming from your dryer, then a repair technician should come take care of the repair for you.

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