Frozen Food In The Fridge: 3 Potential Problems To Have Repaired

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Frozen Food In The Fridge: 3 Potential Problems To Have Repaired

21 November 2016
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A refrigerator is supposed to keep your foods fresh, but not frozen. When pulling items out of your fridge, you may notice that there are foods and drinks in the back that are getting a little too cold. If items have frost or ice chips on them, then there is likely something wrong with the appliance. If items are getting completely frozen, then there truly is something wrong with your refrigerator. In most cases, there are three different problems that can attribute to the super cold temperatures in your fridge. Understanding these different temperatures can help you figure out what types of repairs you will need, the amount of labor that will get done, and different ways that appliance repair professionals can get your fridge running again.

Air Inlet Baffle

For many refrigerator and freezer combos, there is a special inlet that helps control the cold air put into the fridge. When the air inlet baffle is not working properly, extra cold air could be sent to your fridge. This is what will create the freezing temperatures for items that need to be refrigerated. Another part of the air inlet is a piece of styrofoam that helps block out air from the freezer. If any part of this styrofoam has fallen out, then the air flow could be messed up. When hiring a appliance repair specialist, this is typically the first part they will look at. If the baffle is jammed, it can typically be repaired and fixed so that it operates normally again. In other cases, the whole inlet may need replacement. This will include costs for the part and labor. Special pieces of styrofoam can be inserted into the area to help block out the freezing air and regulate temperatures a lot better.

Temperature Sensors

A number of new refrigerators come with temperature sensors built into them so that the proper amount of cold air is provided for your food and drinks. If these temperatures fail to operate correctly, then your fridge may be setting the temperatures too cold. When an appliance repair technician comes to your home, they will use professional temperature tools to test the set temperature of the fridge and the actual temperature on the inside. If a problem occurs, then the temperature sensor can be replaced. This is probably one of the easiest repairs that can be completed for your appliance. Once the new sensor is in, your refrigerator will have more accurate temperatures that can prevent freezing.

Main Control Broad

The temperature sensor and other cooling elements of a fridge are often controlled by a main control board. If your appliance has digital temperature settings or any advanced features, then it is likely run through the main control board. If this board fails to operate correctly, then the temperatures in the fridge can dramatically decrease and cause all types of problems. The first step in this process is for a repair technician to complete a factory reset on your control board. The factory reset will reset all of the settings and temperature readings. Sometimes there is a glitch or error that may have caused the main board to malfunction. Once the reset is complete, a temperature test can be done in the fridge to see if everything is getting too cold again. If this is the case, then the main control board may need replacing.

Replacing the main control board with a new one will help your fridge operate as it should. The cost of the board depends on the model and type of refrigerator that you own. Once installed, further tests will be done to ensure that everything is operating correctly.

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