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Frozen Food In The Fridge: 3 Potential Problems To Have Repaired

21 November 2016
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A refrigerator is supposed to keep your foods fresh, but not frozen. When pulling items out of your fridge, you may notice that there are foods and drinks in the back that are getting a little too cold. If items have frost or ice chips on them, then there is likely something wrong with the appliance. If items are getting completely frozen, then there truly is something wrong with your refrigerator. Read More …

Washing Machine Noises: An Audible Guide To Problems & Potential Repairs

24 February 2016
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If you've stayed in your laundry room for a basic washing cycle, then you understand the wide assortment of sounds that can occur. While a lot of these sounds are normal, it's important to differentiate the good sounds from the bad ones. Once you have the ability to recognize the bad sounds, you can call a repair technician and have your washer fixed quickly. Once you get used to the basic cycle of a washing machine, there are five key sounds to be alert to. Read More …

Get Your Air Conditioner Ready Before The Snow Falls

21 September 2015
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Getting ready for winter is more than just making sure you have a snow shovel and some salt for your sidewalk. There are several items around your home that will last longer if you take a few minutes in the fall to get them ready for the coming cold weather. One key item is your air conditioner- considering the cost, you certainly don't want to replace that any more than necessary. Read More …

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